level up your leadership

Earn skill-based credentials and Skyrocket your reputation as a disruptor!

The Black Market Leadership® Level Pathways enables you to develop critical leadership skills and apply them to complex, real-world business situations. Prove your expertise in specific problem-solving situations, take the next step towards getting certified, and emerge as a top leader!

Level 1 - the tactical leader

The Tactical Leader is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the organization. These frontline leaders ensure the organization’s strategy and vision are actualized, from the ground up. Whether they are the subject matter expert, the technical leader, the supervisor or the manager of a team, Tactical Leaders ensure the correct tactics, techniques, procedures are being implemented, on a daily basis.

The Tactical Leader badge symbolizes you: 

  • Clearly articulate your natural talents and motivators
  • Analyze your given task and mission
  • Effectively communicate your task and mission to the team
  • Create plans that can be executed in your absence
  • Can focus on what matters most, not being distracted by daily “noise”