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The program has been lifechanging for me. I increased my effectiveness as a manager by 20% in less than two months just through the streaming services coaching. Thank you!
Working with Kevin may have been the best strategic business decision we've made yet. His no BS, logical approach to business makes sense and allows us to take action.
Kevin’s professional insight regarding my recent venture into publishing fiction, is of top-notch value...he provided clear and sound advice on how to write a section of my pitch letter. The letter was a success: the agent expressed great interest and asked for a full manuscript!
Without Kevin showing us the importance of proper organizational alignment, we wouldn’t have been able to meet our overall goals. The team became more efficient, turning a 3X ROI into a 5X ROI.
The Argument Advantage workshop helped me double my return on investment. I learned how to make better decisions and effectively communicate them to my team . My increase in productivity and performance led to my promotion from Director to Vice President.
Kevin was responsible for us bringing in the single biggest contract we’ve ever had in fifteen years of our business. He’s been a great source of support!





Earn Exclusive badges & Rise in Community rank as you Develop leadership skills

The Black Market Leadership Level Pathways enables you to develop critical leadership skills and apply them to complex, real-world business situations. Prove your expertise in specific problem-solving situations, take the next step towards getting certified, and emerge as a top leader!

Is Black Market Leadership Right for You?

Are you ready to go to the next level of performance as a leader, entrepreneur, or business owner? If you’ve said any of the below statements, then black market leadership can help.

In Corporate America?

“I’m really good at my job, but i don’t feel like i’m growing and developing. It’s a huge frustration! Frankly, i’m not satisfied.”

“I’m very good at what I do, yet so-and-so is getting promoted ahead of me. What the Heck!? What must I do to get the position – and bigger paycheck – that I deserve?”

An Entrepreneur?

“I have so much to do, and I’m wearing so many different hats. I’m overwhelmed. I know i could be much more effective, but i’m not sure where to begin.”

“We’re generating revenue, but we’re not organized. It feels like we’re running in circles. I wish i had the tools to align the team so we can focus on what matters.”

Small Business Owner?

“We’re doing good as a company, but I have no time to work on the big picture. Instead of focusing on the big picture, I’m stuck in the Weeds.”

“I’ve been playing it by ear for so long. I think I know what to do to lead my organization, but I’m just now sure exactly hot to do it. if only there were some support!”

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Don’t wait to receive conventional, boiler-plate leadership coaching & development! engage in a top-tier leadership education now – one that most people never get in their careers.

Professional Networking

Gain new contacts and build relationships with like-minded professionals – people who can support you, & possibly even open doors and new opportunities.

Learning Experiences

Forget academic learning! Absorb engaging content, and have fun! Participate in a custom learning platform using streaming services, as seen in Forbes®. 

Get 1-on-1 Support with Live-Streaming Events

learn how to capitalize on your strengths! boost your career, your business, or your performance with Expertise reserved for fortune 500 leaders.  

Gain access to resources usually Reserved for Fortune 500 leaders only

Enjoy a tailored coaching experience. Clearly understand your strengths & connect them to your goals. understand others, so you can better communicate & coach them to success! 

Gain rare tools & insights that lead to personal fulfillment & rapid success

Identify your core strengths using the best tools. Drastically improve your understanding of leadership to help you develop your team, align them, and support your organization’s goals and strategy!

What Can Members Expect?


Identify your core strengths using the best tools. Drastically improve your understanding of leadership to help you develop your team, align them, and support your organization’s goals and strategy!

How The Memberships Stack Up


You are your greatest asset. Don’t wait on others to provide you education and training, on their schedule and on their terms! take control of your development, now! Get an elite education, personalized to your strengths and your goals.

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A message from the founder

Hi, I’m Kevin Black, leadership expert and Forbes® Coach. I’m offering my knowledge and expertise TO YOU, the leader ready to go to the next level. Let me help you master the critical leadership elements that will differentiate you from others, BIG TIME. Let me help you hone your strengths and prepare you to overcome the obstacles that unnecessarily trip up others .

This is your opportunity to gain a  leadership education usually reserved for billion-dollar companies. Take advantage, now! Gain the knowledge and network that will help you excel in your field, in your business, and even in your life.

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